Why? Basic Target

Innovative and Pioneer
We aim to manufacture high quality and innovative products through our know-how and specialized staff, and to install them at your living spaces to increase your comfort level. We work hard to protect your spaces and dearest ones from negative weather elements, monitor technological improvements closely, and develop new products. Since it is very easy to manufacture. install and maintain our systems, they are manufactured to meet your demands at highest level and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

We aim to provide our customers with support to consume energy in an efficient way. Therefore our products provide high insulation, have a long service life and need only minor maintenance. They are manufactured using minimum energy and in such a manner to be recyclable, so that nature is preserved and minimum ecological footprint is left.

We aim to present different designs to help your spaces to be more beautiful and to help you to reflect your own architectural style. The products we manufacture are available in a wide range of colors including natural colors meeting your expectations, having natural texture and unique surface quality making them perennial.

Employees and Customers
We create an open, honest and friendly working environment for both employees and customers. Thus we establish long-term business relations to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We work with special emphasis on quality, safety, environment, people and team spirit.

How? Basic Values

  • We always tell it like it is, and act open and genuine at all communication means.
  • We provide collaborators with direct and positive feedback.
  • We act in team spirit with employees and business partners.
  • In taking corrective and preventive measures, we honestly report the wrongs and truthfully defend the rights.
  • What we think is never different from what we tell. This is our characteristic.
High Performance
  • Our performance is measured at regular intervals by our employees, customers, society and shareholders.
  • Our passion for excellence makes us do our best to improve our business processes continuously, so that we proceed with success without deviating from our basic objectives, values and vision.
  • We do what we tell, and share what we do, this is our understanding of responsibility and discipline.
  • We aim at high performance with priority to People, Environment, Quality, Service, Earning (ICKHK).
  • All businesses need profit for sustainability.
  • We work to increase our performance in every stage of work, ranging from production to after sale.
  • We are open to the world and all ideas.
  • We notice and take advantage of opportunities.
  • We create a medium of trust for using powers, predict the risks, and use initiative to manage all processes with success.
  • We work like owning this business.
  • We respect the decisions made by all of our employees, encourage them to undertake responsibility, and award them later.

What? Our Passion

Our Culture
The corporate culture we developed ensures our employees and business partners to be proud of working together. They perform their tasks in accordance with the principles of honesty, high performance and entrepreneurship.

Environment Friendly, Long Service Life Products
We work to produce high insulation, long service life, high quality, endurable and recyclable products.

Leading The Industry
Our company is one of the leaders of this industry. Our market share is high, and we are one of the top three businesses. We owe this success to high quality and service performance, and customer relations based on mutual trust.

Strong Financial Structure
Our company has a sustainable strong financial structure. We turn all the activities we perform into financial targets, and achieve those targets.